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Our roots trace back to the year 2000 when Richard (having paddled since he was a child) was offered the chance to buy a canoe business. Loving the industry but not liking the company he decided to set up his own – opening a shop in Gloucestershire and leading to where we are today!

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    Select Session 3 piece SUP Paddle Blue

    Specially engineered to increase efficiency and reduce fatigue, the Session Sup is light and thin. Fitness, touring, surf, the Session is an excellent versatile paddle.
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    Select Session 3 piece SUP Paddle Blue
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    Season :

    Code : 003264

    Weight : 0KG

    Design & Use

    Specially engineered to increase efficiency and reduce fatigue, the session Sup is light and thin. Buit in fiberglass His V shape section offer an excellent stability for a very comfortable paddle swipe through the water.
    Fitness, touring, surf, the Session Sup is an excellent versatile paddle. Comes in three pieces to easily store in the boot of a car. Fully adjustable length to suit your height/style of paddling.


    Blade Dimensions: 41.5 x 18.2 cm
    Blade Surface: 510 cm2
    Weight: 725 g
    Blade Material: Fiberglass Carbon Black
    Shaft Material: Fiberglass Carbon Black
    Adjustment: Select S Lock 2

    Buyers Guide

    1 - Boat's Width.

    You must know the width of your boat. This measure is important as it is essential to determine the length of your paddle. There is a multitude of kayaks on the market, but it is nevertheless easy to determine three sizes :
    small : from 48 to 55 cm
    medium : from 57 to 63cm
    large : from 65 cm on
    Values in the choice table (below) are for medium boat (width from 57 to 63cm). Reduce length by 5 cm for a 'Small' boat (width from 48 to 55cm) or increase length by 5cm if your boat is large (over 65 cm).

    2 - Your Size.

    Second Parameter : your size.
    Your height is also determining for the length of your paddle. If you are between 155 and 165 cm tall, you will have a shorter paddle than someone who's height is between 175 and 185 cm, and if your height is over 190 cm, you will neeed an even longer paddle !
    And this is true regardless of the type of boat you are using.  We have 2 adjustment systems which enable you to change the length of your paddle


    3 - Your Style of Paddle Stroke

    "Hi angle” > A vertical paddle stroke :
    The paddle is close to the boat's bottom, the directional stability is good. It is a dynamic paddle stroke : Rates of striking are high and the search for brace is important. Power is the goal to reach in order to do fast maneuvers, some physical conditioning or to maneuver in difficult conditions. It is the European style, which is taught in many paddle sport schools!
    "Low angle”> A more horizontal paddle stroke :
    The catch is softer and rates of striking are lower. 
    The movement of the paddle is rounder. Directional stability on boats with no fin nor rudder is not as good. It is less tiring 
    for muscles and joints during long trips. It is also very good for backaches ! 
    The low angle style comes from North America.


    4 - Size of the Blades

    It depends on the paddler's level of experience and of his physical condition :
    Large : for those who are powerful and in a good physical condition.
    Medium : is the most representative size, the most polyvalent one.
    You can compare this to a bicycle bracket : A large paddle takes in much more water and the rate of striking will be lower and will ask for more power. With a Medium paddle, the rate of striking can increase without needing to develop a strong power.


    5 - The Crossing Angle of the Blades

    What is its purpose?
    We owe this feather angle to the athletes who practice kayak races in lane : they noticed that blades forming a 90° angle with one another offered much less aerodynamic resistance on the aerial blade. This advantage was even more pronounced with a headwind with which a significant part of the energy of the paddle stroke was lost in pushing some air ; Not to mention the decrease of the rate of striking build-up due to this resistance. 
    After decades of 90° crossings, angles were decreased to
    60° on most of the touring paddles
    55° in lane race
    and 45° in whitewater paddles
    The decrease of the angle enabled a more comfortable paddle stroke. The 30° and 45° reductions helped limit the movement of the wrist (mostly the right one) responsible for pivoting. 
    Left or right crossing?
    90% of people do right crossings ! For left crossings, don't panic, we make these paddles on demand. The Vario S Lock System also offers the possibility of adjusting crossing angles.


    6 - The Shaft

    The straight shaft is the shaft that is used most often as the hand positioning is free on its whole length. 
    The ergonomic shaft enables the paddler to keep the alignment of his arm with his hand. 
    The effect of this is less joint stress on the wrist and much more contact surface with the shaft. It is a comfortable 
    hold and we recommend this  paddlers who perfectly master 
    their hand placement as the small ergonomic area imposes a very precise positioning. 
    On "white water" paddles, which are regularly under 2 meters, the hand positioning is done more out of instinct and this is where the ergo shaft can bring a comfort in use from the very first use.


    7 - Fixed or Adjustable Paddle Length

    Some purists only swear by fixed paddles. We used to be like this too, before we started to develop our own adjustable shafts! most of the existing systems are, as far as we are concerned, not very reliable in the rotation blocks and, moreover, the flexion of the shaft is impaired by double collars.
    From this fact, we developed our own adjusting systems and we designed adjustable tubes with constant flexion.
    Fixed or mono : This option means that you have no displaceable adjusting system on your paddle. The length is f xed.
    S-Lock : The Vario S-Lock can be adjusted over 10cm, with an infinite choice of feathers. It also enables you to adjust your paddle with more precision. This option is recommended for all the paddle-users who want to customize their paddle as much as possible.
    S-Lock 2 : The Vario S-Lock 2 is an evolution of the famous S-lock system. Light, compact, it is functional without any tool. It can be adjusted over 10 cm, with an infinite choice of feathers. It also enables you to adjust your paddle with more precision.
    Fast-Lock : The Fast-Lock can be adjusted over 9cm, by 3cm intervals. it enables you to quickly adjust the length of the paddle without altering its feather angle.


    8 - Ovalised tube or no!

    Some kayaking practices require index to help hands position during paddling. This index is usually called «Paddle grip»
    • The oval shaft is an evolution of this paddle grip. main assets for the grip: Quality and comfort handling to offer an excellent paddle control during eskimo roll, sailing in a strong current...
    • The «Racing» paddle is not equipped with a paddle grip. But you can order it as an accessory. We do not recommend to put a paddle grip on a race paddle, as it will interfere with the stroke.


    9 - Your Program.

    Last parameter but not least : your program choice : you have already answered this question buying your kayak or canoe.
    3 kayak programs :
    Touring ;
    White Water;
    Three tables were established following sailing programs.
    These tables are quite precise in their recommendations. You can thus use them with confidence to choose your paddle.


    Choosing a 'Touring' Paddle

    Values in the below table are for medium boat (width from 57 to 63 cm). Reduce length by 5 cm for a'Small' boat (width from 48 to 55 cm) or increase length by 5cm if your boat is large (over 65 cm).[
    Hi Angle Touring Paddle
    Paddler's size Paddle length Paddle Models
    fixed adjustable
    152 > 160 cm 205 200 > 210 X.TR - X.Blade - X.Trek - X.Fiber -
    162 > 170 cm 210 205 > 215 X.TR - X.Blade - X.Trek - X.Fiber -
    172 > 180 cm 215 210 > 220 X.TR - X.Blade - X.Trek - X.Fiber -
    182 > 190 cm 220 215 > 225 X.TR - X.Blade - X.Trek - X.Fiber -
    192 > 200 cm 225 220 > 230 X.TR - X.Blade - X.Trek - X.Fiber -
    Low Angle Touring Paddle
    Paddler's size Paddle length Paddle Models
    fixed adjustable
    152 > 160 cm 210 205 > 215 X.TR - X.Blade - X.Trek - X.Fiber -
    162 > 170 cm 215 210 > 220 X.TR - X.Blade - X.Trek - X.Fiber -
    172 > 180 cm 220 215 > 225 X.TR - X.Blade - X.Trek - X.Fiber -
    182 > 190 cm 225 220 > 230 X.TR - X.Blade - X.Trek - X.Fiber -
    192 > 200 cm 235 230 > 240 X.TR - X.Blade - X.Trek - X.Fiber -


    Choosing a 'White Water' Paddle

    The size of the PADDLE depends a lot on the type of boat that is used. The volume should be taken into account: a short PADDLE will be interesting for the beginner and the Rodeo (hard to do figures with a bulky paddle); a longer PADDLE will yield more power in difficult rivers where maneuvers must be very precise.This table is intended for help only and not as something to impose. It only reflects the global trend! 
    Important note for small volume boats: please consider the first recommended value in RED.
    White Water Paddle
    Paddler's size Paddle length Paddle Models
    fixed adjustable shaft
    straight ergonomic
    152 > 160 cm 185
    194 188 > 198 186 > 190 Warrior - Pulse - Blast - W1 - Impact Ride
    162 > 170 cm 188
    197 191 > 201 188 > 192 Warrior - Pulse - Blast - W1 - Impact Ride
    172 > 180 cm 191
    201 191 > 201 192 > 196 Warrior - Pulse - Blast - W1 - Impact Ride
    182 > 190 cm 194
    204 194 > 204 194 > 198 Warrior - Pulse - Blast - W1 - Impact Ride
    192 > 200 cm 197
    207 194 > 204 190 > 200 Warrior - Pulse - Blast - W1 - Impact Ride


    Choosing a 'Canoe' Paddle

    Here is a simple way of determining the length of a canoe paddle: Sit down on a chair or on the floor, then measure the distance between your eyes and the seating. This measure will help you choose your paddle in the following table. Important: this is only a way of validating an approach. The best way of choosing a paddle, as far as possible, is to try it out!
    Canoe Paddle
    Recorded Measure Paddle length Paddle Models
    fixed adjustable
    66 > 67 cm 130 - C1
    71 > 72 cm 135
    140 - C1
    76 > 77 cm 140
    145 140 > 150 C1
    81 > 82 cm 145
    150 145 > 155 C1
    85 > 88 cm 150
    155 150 > 160 C1
    90 > 91 cm 160 155 > 165 C1
    95 > 97 cm 165 155 > 165 C1

    Sizing Information

    Technical Information

    Need some help?

    We've tried to give you as much information as possible but if there's something missing that you need to know, you can get in touch with us below.

    01454 261058



    Delivery charges and timescales vary depending on the item ordered and the delivery address. Subject to the exclusions below, the total delivery charge will be shown at the checkout stage of the ordering process.

    We reserve the right to change this delivery charge policy at any time and without notice.

    Delivery within the UK

    Delivery is free for all single orders totalling over £50 delivered to a single address in mainland UK. Some exclusions apply, see below.

    Deliveries to Northern Ireland, Highlands and Islands (including Isle of Wight) are not included as mainland UK for delivery purposes. We will check with our carriers prior to delivery and may contact you by email or telephone if further carriage charges are necessary. You will have the opportunity to accept or cancel the order.

    Some items, such as composite canoes and kayaks, cannot be sent with a carrier as they may get damaged in transit. In such cases, we will inform you by email or telephone as soon as possible to make alternative arrangements. This may involve carriage charges which will be agreed prior to delivery. If you collect the goods, any delivery charges will be refunded.

    Our aim is that orders received by noon Monday – Friday will be shipped that day. However this is subject to the item being in stock at our Gloucestershire warehouse. Delivery should be one to three days from shipment depending on the goods sent and the delivery address.

    Most orders are sent by carrier and will require a signature on receipt. We will contact you prior to despatch to agree the best delivery date. Delivery may be any time between 8am and 6pm. Deliveries to remote areas, particularly Highlands and Islands, where the carriers quote 3 to 5 days, are not guaranteed.

    If there is nobody available at the delivery address to accept delivery a card should be left. Depending on which carrier was used, they may attempt delivery the next working day. However, this and any subsequent deliveries may incur a charge. Alternatively, they may give details of how to arrange redelivery or the address from where the parcel can be collected. We accept no liability if the delivery is not made due to the recipient not being available. If the recipient fails to collect the parcel or arrange redelivery in good time the goods will be returned to us and a charge will be made for redelivery to that or an alternative address.

    In the event that you select a business address for delivery, we shall be deemed to have delivered the order to its intended recipient by delivering it to the reception area of the business address.

    Small orders will be sent by Royal Mail. This may be first class, second class or Recorded Delivery, which will require a signature, depending on the size, weight and value of the order.

    If you require delivery by a particular date, please let us know and we will contact you if we are unable to meet your deadline.

    Where the supply of your product is delayed or prevented for reasons beyond our control (for example, material shortages, import delays or higher than anticipated demand) we will make every effort to keep you informed but shall be under no liability to you for such delay or failure.

    International Shipping

    Our standard charge for international deliveries is £15 however this is for small items only. There may be an additional charge for larger or more valuable items. Please contact us by email or telephone for a quoted delivery charge. Orders will be sent either by post or with a carrier and usually require a signature on receipt.

    Due to customs, legal, regulatory and certain practical restrictions applicable to orders placed for international delivery, some of our products may not be available for delivery to certain destinations outside the UK.  Canoe and Kayak Store reserves the right to define what can and cannot be delivered to which destination.

    Purchases will be made in Pounds Sterling.  International credit card providers or banks will determine the exchange rate and may add additional processing or administration charge in relation to such payment which international credit card holders will be liable to pay.

    Products are sold on a delivery duty unpaid basis.  The recipient may have to pay import duty or formal customs entry fee prior to or on delivery.  Additional taxes, fees or levies may apply according to local legislation and customers are required to check these details before placing an order for international delivery.

    We cannot guarantee that we will accept orders from countries outside the UK.

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    Canoe and Kayak Store Returns Policy

    Purchases from store

    If you bought goods at either of our shops you may, at our discretion, be able to return items within 14 days for a full refund, as long as they have not been used and still have the original labels attached. Please take the items back to the shop, together with your receipt. Any refund can only be made using the same method as the original transaction so if you paid by debit/credit card please take that with you also. We cannot issue refunds against clearance goods.

    Your right to cancel your order

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    Under the CCR regulations, you must notify us in writing within 14 days of delivery that you wish to cancel all or part of your order and then return the items within a further 14 days.

    You must take reasonable care of the goods until returned and they must be returned unused, with original labels still attached and any component parts must remain unopened. Please complete our returns form, which will have been sent with your order, and send it with the items to the address shown on that form.

    Please be aware that, unless you are returning products because they are faulty or not as described, you will be responsible for any postage/carrier costs incurred in sending the goods back to us. We recommend that items being returned be sent via insured, trackable delivery for your protection. We will not be responsible for any loss or damage to them in transit.

    We reserve the right to charge you, or reduce your refund, for any loss or damage in transit or if you have reduced the value of the items eg. you have worn shoes outside and scuffed the soles.

    Within 14 days of receipt of the goods, Canoe and Kayak Store will give you a full refund of the amount paid for the returned item, including any standard delivery charge if applicable. Refunds can only be made using the same method as the original transaction. If you bought your item using a gift voucher, you will be issued with another gift voucher. Please note that refunds to credit cards can often take 2 – 3 days to appear on your credit card account.

    This is not intended to be a full statement of all rights under the CCR.  Full details of your rights under the CCR are available in the UK from your local Citizens’ Advice Bureau or your Local Authority’s Trading Standards Office.

    Damaged or incorrectly supplied goods

    On receipt, you should check all items against your order. If any items are damaged on delivery or incorrectly supplied please contact us as soon as possible, and in any event within 14 days, by phone or email and we will endeavour to rectify the problem as soon as possible. Please complete our returns form and send it with the damaged or incorrect items as soon as possible to the address on the form. We will then send you the replacement goods and refund any postage costs you incurred returning the items. Refunds can only be made using the same method as the original transaction. Please note that refunds to credit cards can often take 2 – 3 days to appear on your credit card account.


    If you wish to exchange your purchase for a different size/colour you must notify us within 14 days by email or telephone of your intention to do this and you then have a further 14 days to return the goods. Please complete our returns form and send it with the relevant items to us at the address on the form. The item must be unused, undamaged and with original labels still attached. Please note that you are responsible for any return postage. We will not be responsible for any loss or damage in transit.

    We reserve the right to make a £4 charge to cover the costs of sending the replacement items. Large items such as kayaks and paddles may incur a higher charge that will be agreed with you. Payment for this must be provided before we send out the replacement item. This charge does not apply if you collect the replacement goods from Canoe and Kayak Store.

    For international orders the charge will vary depending on the current cost of delivery to that country. For an accurate price please contact us before returning the item.

    In the case of warranty returns this charge will be waived as long as the returned goods are clean and free from dirt to comply with current Health and Safety Regulations.

    If we are unable to supply the replacement items we will refund you the full amount paid for the item, including any standard delivery charge, using the same method as the original transaction.

    Custom-made or personalised items, DVDs and books are not returnable unless defective.

    Returning faulty goods

    Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 goods ordered at home must be as described, fit for purpose and of satisfactory quality. If any of the goods supplied by us fail to meet any of those criteria you have the right to reject them for a full refund. This right must be exercised within a 30 day period from the date you purchased the goods. If we fail to deliver within that 30 day period, or by a later date as agreed with you, you also have the right to cancel for a full refund. After 30 days you will not be entitled to a full refund if the product develops a fault.

    If you wish to reject goods under this Act, please complete our returns form and send it with the items to the address shown on that form. If the goods are faulty we will contact you to arrange a repair or replacement.

    Refunds will be for the item purchased plus any delivery charge that may have been made and will be by the same method as the original purchase.

    All of the above does not affect your statutory rights.



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