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Our roots trace back to the year 2000 when Richard (having paddled since he was a child) was offered the chance to buy a canoe business. Loving the industry but not liking the company he decided to set up his own – opening a shop in Gloucestershire and leading to where we are today!

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    Kokat Idol Goretex Ladies Purple Drysuit

    The Kokatat Idol - the best Drysuit in the world just got even better! Now with a waterproof Zip that goes all the way round your entire waist, making it simple for entry and relief!

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    Kokatat Idol Gore-Tex Mens Leaf Drysuit
    Kokatat Idol Gore-Tex Mens Tangerine Drysuit
    Kokat Idol Goretex Ladies Purple Drysuit
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    Season :

    Code : 003487

    Weight : 0KG

    Kokatat introduces the Idol dry suit with SwitchZip technology that separates completely at the waist giving paddlers the versatility of a dry suit and dry top in one garment. The full separation makes the Idol much easier to put on and take off than traditional dry suits. The suit features Kokatat's exclusive 3-layer Evolution GORE-TEX® Pro Shell fabric, used in combination with 330 Cordura GORE-TEX® Pro Shell and is backed by Kokatat's limited lifetime warranty.
    330 denier GORE-TEX® Cordura® waterproof breathable fabric on shoulders and below the waist where needed for maximum durability.
    Fully separating Switch Zip waterproof zipper allows the Idol to be worn as a dry suit or dry top, your choice! When in your boat, the zipper sits comfortably between the back band and seat.
    Neoprene punch through collar and wrist cuffs. Dual adjustable overskirt with “hook & loop” compatible neoprene to snug the top over your spray skirt. Self-fabric, adjustable leg cuffs look great over your creeking shoes.
    Latex wrist and neck gaskets, with GORE-TEX ® waterproof and breathable socks will keep your under layers completely dry and cozy all day long.

    Buyers Guide

    Warranty Policy
    All Kokatat products are fully guaranteed to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship for the reasonable life of the item. Products found to be defective will be repaired or replaced at Kokatat’s option. Repairs due to normal wear and tear, accident, abuse, etc., will be made for a reasonable charge. Latex gaskets are not covered by the Kokatat warranty. There is a 2 year limited warranty on all TROPOS suits. Kokatat specifically disavows any other representative warranty or liability relative to the condition or use of the product. 
    Product Care
    • see general care instructions
    • Machine or hand wash cool with liquid detergent
    • Hang to dry
    • Do not bleach or dry clean
    • Store it dry, hanging, or loosely folded
    When washing, always follow sewn-in care instructions. With dry suits and dry tops Kokatat recommends using cold water, delicate cycle, gentle liquid soap, with no bleach or harsh chemicals, and high water volume, in a front loading machine. Rinse well (which may mean running it through a second time, inside out with no soap OR use a cold shower). Line dry.
    Gasket Care and Repair
    Latex gaskets need to be treated every 4–6 weeks to prevent drying and cracking. Kokatat recommends 303 Protectant. Small tears or holes in the gasket may be repaired with Aquaseal. Replacement gaskets and kits are available from your dealer or directly from Kokatat. Kokatat (and some dealers) will replace gaskets for a reasonable charge. Kokatat will replace gaskets and socks on Kokatat garments only. 
    Zipper Information and Care
    The zipper is one of the most sensitive components of your drysuit. Treat it carefully. The most common causes of zipper leakage are failure to close the zipper firmly, or dirt in the zipper teeth or closing end.
    1. Pull the zipper in a straight line, in a smooth and even motion. Avoid yanking or pulling to the side. Have another person help you if you cannot easily reach any part of the zipper. Be especially gentle in colder air and water temperatures.
    2. Never force a jammed zipper. Unzip, examine the jammed point for obstruction or damage, then carefully try again. Zipping over a piece of dirt or underclothes can derail the teeth and ruin the zipper.
    3. The zipper is most vulnerable to damage when you are getting in and out of your suit. Be sure the zipper is open completely, and try not to put force on the ends that could tear the zipper apart.
    4. Keep sand and dirt out of the teeth and the closing end of the zipper. Clean the zipper occasionally with mild soap, water and a toothbrush. Lubricate occasionally with a light coat of paraffin, beeswax for metal tooth zippers. For plastic water tight zippers, a dab of McNett Zip Tech Semi-Solid Zipper Lubricant in the closing end improves sealing.
    5. Dry suits should be stored in a clean, dry environment. Metal tooth zippers should be partially closed with the zipper slide left about 2 inches open. This will help alleviate pressure on the sealing elements. Plastic water tight zippers should be stored in the entirely closed position. Store either hanging or loosely rolled.
    Broken zippers cannot be repaired but can be replaced. This work may be performed only by Kokatat at our factory; if you feel your zipper has been damaged, please go to our warranty and repairs page or contact Customer Service 
    Durable Water Repellent
    Durable Water Repellent (DWR) prevents liquid from building up on your garment’s outer layer which can make you feel damp and clammy (“wetting out”). Regular wear and tear, exposure to dirt, detergents and other impurities causes DWR to wear off over time, but the good news is that it can be restored. The effective life of the DWR depends upon how the garment is cared for, and how rigorously it is used. The most effective way to maintain the garment’s water and stain repellency is to rinse it and let it drip dry (washing helps, and if it’s not a gasketed or a coated fabric, then it can be put in the dryer). DWR is not what makes a garment waterproof - it’s a treatment applied to the face fabric that keeps water beading on the outer surface rather than soaking into it. Eventually the DWR will wear out. There are many aftermarket DWR renewal treatments available from your local dealer.

    Pro Opinion

    Kokatat's General Tips & How-Tos
    Layering system for watersports
    The art of dressing for watersports is a matter of choosing the right tools for the job and using them properly. Kokatat garments are technologically sophisticated but, more than that, they make a complete system that balances heat loss with heat production and adjusts to deal with conditions that can change by the hour or the season. The best way to do this is with layers.
    A layered system of garments finds its strength in versatility. Each layer performs a specific function and can be mixed and matched to adapt to different conditions. Kokatat garments are the ingredients of a multi-layered system that fits well, won’t restrict your movement, and weighs almost nothing. A good layering job goes something like this::
    FIRST LAYER: MOISTURE MOVEMENT - a thin garment next to the skin, like our Polartec® Power Dry® BaseCore wicks the body moisture away from the body, keeping the skin dry and decreasing evaporative heat loss.
    SECOND LAYER: INSULATION - thicker pieces, like our Polartec® Power Dry® Liner and OuterCore insulate against the cold and move body moisture to the outer shell. The thickness of this layer is determined by conditions and your level of activity.
    THIRD LAYER: PROTECTIVE OUTER SHELL - the outer garment protects against incoming water, wind, or sun. Kokatat’s dry suits, dry tops, paddling jackets and pants will do just fine, thanks
    Now you are ready for the water! Before you warm up, you may need all layers to maintain your body heat. As you become more active, balance clothing layers to your body temperature to avoid overheating. You can use the ventilating features found on Kokatat apparel, remove a layer or replace it with a thinner one as conditions change.
    Dress for the Swim, not for the Weather
    Rain, sleet, spray, swims in the river and capsizes in the ocean affect everyone who participates in water sports. You’ll be safer, more comfortable and have more fun on the water if you have the right clothing for each paddling scenario. Being comfortable in all conditions comes down to one basic principle: maintaining a balance between the heat our bodies produce and the heat we lose to the environment. We highly recommend that you dress for the water temperature.

    Sizing Information

    Mens Size Chart 
                                XS           S                 M                  L                 XL                 XXL              XXXL*          L KING
    Chest                  32-35       35-38          38-41           41-44           44-48            48-53           56-58            53-57 
    Waist                  25-28        28-31          31-34           34-37           37-41            41-45           46-48            45-55
    Girth                   n/a            59-63          63-67           68-72           72-76            76-80            n/a                72-76
    Hips                    n/a            36-39          39-41           41-44           44-47            47-50            n/a                50-52
    Inseam                n/a           29/30           30-31           31-32           32-33            32-33            n/a                30-31
    Sleeve                 30            30-32           32-34           34-35           35-36            36-37            37                 34-35
    Height                 5'-5'4"       5'2"-5'6"       5'6"-6"         5'10"-6'2"      6'-6'4"           6'-6'6"           6'-6'4"           5'10-6'2"
    Weight                45-57kg    52-64kg        64-79kg      79-91kg        91-109kg     100-118kg    100-118kg    109-127kg
    Neck Gasket      n/a             Small           Large           Large           Large            Large           Large            Large
    Wrist Gasket      n/a            Small            Large           Large           Large            Large           Large            Large  
    Built in Sock      n/a            Sm(39-41)    Md(42-44)    Md(42-44)    Md(42-44)    Lg(45-48)     n/a                Md(42-44)
    All sizes in in/kg. XS only available in the TROPOS Super Breeze. XXXL only in the Tempest Jacket.

    Technical Information

    • It's a dry suit, it's a dry top, it's a pant!
    • 330 Cordura® GORE-TEX® Pro shoulders, sleeves, and legs
    • Evolution 3.21 oz. nylon 3-layer GORE-TEX® Pro body
    • SwitchZip waterproof fully separating entry/relief zipper system
    • Latex gaskets with neoprene punch through collar and cuffs
    • Evolution 3.21 oz. nylon 3-layer GORE-TEX® Pro socks
    • Strategic zipper placement sits between backband and seat
    • No entry zipper on torso
    • One zipper for entry and relief
    • Self-draining, zippered sleeve pocket with key lanyard
    • Dual adjustable over skirt with "hook & loop" compatible neoprene
    • Zipper flap to protect top half of zipper in dry top configuration
    • Every suit 100% fill tested; guaranteed to be dry
    Heat is lost to the environment in four ways
    Radiation - Heat flows from a warmer object to a cooler one. Since your body is often warmer than the air, you lose heat when your skin is exposed. With the right clothing covering your body and a hat, you’ll probably be more comfortable.
    Convection - Heat is lost through air movement. A cold, windy day will steal your heat and energy faster than a calm day. Windproof garments will cut convective heat loss.
    Conduction - Heat is lost with contact with something cold and that loss is up to 32 times faster when that something cold is water. Conductive heat loss can be balanced with good insulation.
    Evaporation - Heat dissipates when moisture leaves the body as vapor (perspiration). Even though it may be cold outside, if you are exerting yourself, you will sweat. As that sweat evaporates your body will get colder. You can manage that moisture with a good system of moisture wicking, hydrophobic insulation and breathable, waterproof clothing. By the way, cotton holds moisture, so it is not the best clothing to wear if you are trying to stay warm and dry.
    How to put on a dry suit
    Trying on a dry suit for the first time can be awkward. An assistant who knows how a dry suit should fit would be advisable (your local dealer, a friend who paddles, etc.) Find something to sit on- a chair or bench is better than the floor. Remove rings, earrings, watches and other sharp objects that might tear a gasket. Take your shoes & socks off, step into each leg, pull suit up to waist and push feet through ankle gaskets or socks. Cinch the waist draw cord. Slide left hand all the way through the sleeve and gasket; follow with the right hand. With both hands, grab the opening of the neck gasket and stretch the gasket a bit while ducking into the suit and up through the neck gasket (this should be one motion). Do not pull the gasket over your head by pulling on the fabric or the base of the gasket. (Use the same care when removing.)
    Trimming is not taboo!
    The neck gasket on your Kokatat dry suit is designed to be trimmed (Kokatat wrist gaskets are not designed this way). The neck gasket should fit tightly without being too constricting. If stretching the gasket over a form does not increase the comfort, trim the gasket one ring at a time until it is comfortable but does not allow water in when you are swimming (see gasket trimming instructions). Consult your dealer or Kokatat customer service if you have any questions, and remember, cut once and test before cutting again!
    Need some help?

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    01454 261058



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  • 5

    Kokat Idol Goretex Ladies Purple Drysuit ,  On

    Shame this review only gives marks out of 5…because Ill still give this suit a big TEN. I wasn't too sure about the zip closure clamp, it really did look bulky, but I trusted all the other reviews I had read elsewhere that claimed you wouldn't notice it once wearing the suit, and I have to agree. The other point was of course the eye watering price tag, but I want to paddle comfortably, and in the knowledge that my suit will look after me if a situation turns unpleasant. I'm 5ft 6ins, 38inch chest and 11 stone and this suit in Medium fitted me like it was tailor made (well apart from the dry socks, but at least I have the option to wear 4 pairs of socks should I want to ;-) ) Great to be able to wear this suit as either just a cag or just the trousers as well as a full dry suit, also great to unzip all the way around to cool down. Have paddled over the winter in this as well as last summer & autumn and never found myself wet with sweat. Love this piece of kit!!! Very well made and good design, and should last for years….so really its Excellent Value for Money (That's for you to tell your other half). Went to the shop to buy this rather than risk a poor fit buying it off the internet, staff at the shop where great, not pushy, very very helpful and pleasant. so…Ten out of Five!!!
    YES Richard Forder would recommend this item
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