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Our roots trace back to the year 2000 when Richard (having paddled since he was a child) was offered the chance to buy a canoe business. Loving the industry but not liking the company he decided to set up his own – opening a shop in Gloucestershire and leading to where we are today!

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    Grey Owl Chieftain Varnished Paddle

    The Chieftain from Grey Owl is their finest all-around solo paddle with a medium flex. Made from choice black cherry with football style grip and an oval shaft. 

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    Season :

    Code : 001606

    Weight : 0KG

    Grey Owl's finest all-around solo paddle with a medium flex. Made from choice black cherry with football style grip and an oval shaft. Cambered blade with very fine edges and hidden plastic tip insert. Available with varnish or optional linseed oil finish.

    Grip:  solid cherry, football style
    Shaft:  solid cherry, oval, 1 1⁄8” x 1 1⁄16”
    Blade:  solid cherry
    Blade Cross Section Style:   cambered
    Tip Material & Style:  casting epoxy, hidden insert
    Finish:   your choice of high gloss exterior polyurethane with a UV block or boiled linseed oil
    Usage:  solo and tandem deep water paddling (2’ – 2 ½’ minimum).


    Buyers Guide

    Why Wood?
    woodWood is nature’s own composite. As a naturally forming polymer, wood is comprised of long-chain, cross-linking cellulose molecules, bound together with lignum. This miraculous combination gives wood its unique properties of strength, stiffness, resilience, buoyancy, and durability. Because no two pieces are exactly alike, wood provides a broader range of individual ‘feel.’ A single model will vary in flex pattern, stiffness and action. This offers the consumer a wide range of choices when selecting a paddle.
    Of course, the beauty and feel of wood are unmatched. Ask any seasoned canoeist or kayaker why they love their wooden paddle and they will say, ‘It’s the feel.’ This affinity with wood is a love affair that prompts canoeists with day jobs to hang their wooden paddles on the wall of the office. When you take your wooden paddle on the water, you’re returning it to its natural habitat.
    What makes a great paddle is a combination of many things. A grip that fills the palm just so; a shaft that is smooth, oval, and doesn’t twist in the hand; a blade that knifes into the water without a ‘plop’; a lively action that pulls without a flutter or vibration; a balanced fulcrum that doesn’t feel like a shovel full of wet snow on the return phase of the stroke. Wood that looks beautiful and is lightweight in design, with a finish that gleams in the sunlight. And finally, an affordable product that has the durability to withstand the rigors of the sport.
    At Grey Owl, years of research, development and innovative ideas meet with engineering excellence to bring you the most advanced wooden paddles available. We continue to lead the industry with features such as our uniquely laminated exotic woods, or our models with urethane plastic tips and edging where you need it. Our respect for the past has led us to retain hidden plastic inserts in the tips of our one-piece wooden paddles.
    The blades are cambered with fine edges for maximum efficiency and tracking ability. The shaft is oval in design and made of either solid wood or a laminated wood composite to give just the right flex, strength and feel. The grips are designed for hours of fatigue free paddling and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
    Only the finest materials find their way into Grey Owl products. The wood, glue, varnish, etc. are all of the highest quality. Our kayak ferrules are machined to the closest tolerances possible to eliminate any wobble.
    With many different models, no matter what style of paddling you prefer, or what your size, there is a Grey Owl Paddle that will fit in your hand and ‘sing’ in the water.
    Why composites?
    compositeDurable, lightweight, stiff and sleek only begin to describe the new Grey Owl composites. Evolving from our very successful wooden paddle line, these new additions complement, rather than displace, our legendary wooden models.
    Though lacking some of the beauty, warmth and resilience of wood, the high-tech world of modern thermoplastics and composites offers some added dimensions not available in our more traditional wooden products.
    For those wishing to extend their paddling experience, our newest generation of paddles has incorporated design features that, in the past, have been difficult and expensive to produce in wood.
    High-tech, molded materials allow the designer to build a stiff, light, rugged paddle with knife-edged tips and dihedral blades with extreme curves.
    Though not indestructible, these durable paddles require little maintenance and generally are not subject to the minor repairs and upkeep of their wooden counterparts.
    Whether you are a serious racer, week-end warrior, guide, novice or seasoned tripper, we have a model that will excite your paddling sensibilities and satisfy your boating needs..

    Sizing Information

    Overall Length 52" 54" 56" 58" 60" 62" 64" 66" 68"
    Shaft Length 29" 30 ¼” 31 ½” 32 ¾” 34” 35 ¼” 36 ½” 37 ¾” 39”
    Blade Length 23" 23 ¾” 24 ½” 25 ½” 26” 26 ¾” 27 ½” 28 ¼” 29”
    Blade Width 5 3⁄16” 5 ¼” 5 5⁄16” 5 3⁄8” 5 7⁄16” 5 ½” 5 9⁄16” 5 5⁄8” 5 11⁄16”
    Blade Area  (sq in). 100 104 108 112 116 120 124 128 132
    Average Weight (oz). 20.5 22 23.5 25 26.5 28 29.5 31 32.5
    Sizing your Traditional Paddle
    Regardless of the model of straight or bent shaft paddle you have selected, the overall length should be determined by the shaft length from the top of the grip to the throat of the paddle.
    The following formula applies:  the shaft length should equal the distance from ones shoulder to the water line of the canoe.  This will allow you to paddle below your eyes with your upper hand while keeping your lower hand close to the throat.
    To determine the approximate length sit erect on a flat hard chair or the floor and measure the distance from the surface to your chin.  Add 6” for the approximate distance the canoe seat would be from the waterline.  Thus a person whose chin to chair measurement is 26” would add 6” to arrive at a 32” shaft length.  Looking at the specifications of our various models you would find that you would probably use a 50” Touring Bent Shaft, a 54” Voyageur or a 56” Chieftain.  A one or two inch variation would not have much effect in usage so try for the closest shaft length for the model chosen.  Remember to consider that canoe seat heights vary as might a ‘comfort range’ that you might feel more suited to.
    The only exception to this rule would be our Hammerhead paddle.  A completely different technique is used for white water canoeing and you may end up adding approximately 12” to your chin to chair length.


    Technical Information

    Traditional Paddles
    These paddles are distinguished by their long slender blades and overall resilience.  Originally carved from one piece of wood from a small tree, cedar and basswood were prized because of their light weight while ash, maple and cherry were chosen for strength and durability.  Cherry was especially preferred for its resistance to rot and warping along with being relatively light in weight.
    Though not the easiest paddles to use in depths below 12”, one can learn to manage quite well with a ‘sweep stroke’.  All basic strokes such as the ‘J’ and ‘C’ strokes, along with draw, pry and feather strokes evolved from this type of paddle.
    No other paddle can give you the enjoyment and feel of cruising like a traditional paddle.  The blade width area is more than adequate to maneuver your canoe so pick the model that appeals to your price range, usage and aesthetics.
    Need some help?

    We've tried to give you as much information as possible but if there's something missing that you need to know, you can get in touch with us below.

    01454 261058



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    Refunds will be for the item purchased plus any delivery charge that may have been made and will be by the same method as the original purchase.

    All of the above does not affect your statutory rights.



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  • 5

    Grey Owl Chieftain Varnished Paddle ,  On

    This paddle is excellent the elliptical handle has a great grip so the perfect J stroke every time, the build quality is what I expect from Grey Owl and as for the shop well what can i say excellent customer service fast speedy delivery and the staff friendly and courteous. Cheers KJ
    YES Kayakjedi would recommend this item
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