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COVID-19 Update...

COVID-19 Update...

With all that’s going on in the world right now, life can seem a little crazy and frightening. We are open for now as usual and just want to reassure you of a few things.

We have taken measures in our stores to make things safer in the shop and office, including some staff working at home and those in the office taking precaution by cleaning working areas, surfaces, handles etc and hand washing regularly. We have hand sanitiser on the counter for you to use if you visit the shop.

For now our business remains up, running and busy, we are still processing orders, shipping out goods and getting things out the door while we can. The Government advice for now is about social distancing but we are still trying to function as best we can.

• Group gatherings
• Visits to bars/restaurants
• Sleepovers
• Playdates
• Visiting the elderly with children
• Crowded retail stores
• Gyms
• Visitors to the home
• Non essential workers to stay at home

• Visits to supermarkets
• Visit to pharmacy
• Visit to GP
• Travelling
• Check on friends and family safety
• Public transport

• Go for a walk
• Jogging
• Working in your home
• DIY in and around the home
• Reading
• Going for a drive
• Video calls
• Phone calls

We would like to add that for now we assume this can also Include, going Canoeing, Kayaking and Paddle Boarding 

#imselfisolating #COVID19 #smallbusinessdoingourbest

Post your photos below of how you are managing with #imselfisolating

Please all stay safe, keep washing your hands like you have OCD, look after loved ones, offer to do your elderly neighbours shopping, walk their dogs, keep busy, get all those jobs done around the house you have been putting off, start growing some vegetables, finish all those projects you started, don’t put anyone else at risk. You could have it and not even know about it and then pass it on to vulnerable friends and family.

We wish you all the best health, we can unite and beat this, stay safe.

Canoe and Kayak Store Team

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