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Select Wild Paddles | Whitewater Paddles Review

Select Wild Paddles | Whitewater Paddles Review

Welcome to our weekly review blog where we take one of our favourite paddling accessories and talk you through everything you need to know about the product, including the pros, cons, and whether it is right for you and your paddling needs. 

Wild Paddles by Select

Select make high quality composite paddles in a variety of materials including Glass and Carbon. A great strength of the brand is their ability to deliver a custom version of the paddle to meet each paddlers unique requirements. So whether you want a left-handed paddle, a particular length, or an unusual feather angle, you can probably find the perfect paddle at Select. 

Today we'll be looking specifically at the Select Wild Paddle and breaking down all the details and benefits that these paddles offer. 

Select Wild Adjustable Straight Shaft Paddle Blue

Wild Options

The Select Wild Paddle is a high-performance paddle that has been designed to meet the needs of a classic whitewater paddler, balancing the power of a larger blade with a well-balanced blade that gives the engaged paddle a planted feel that inspires confidence on the water.

Wild Paddles come in two shaft styles – the traditional straight shaft or a bent shaft configuration which can help ease pressure on the wrists and move the catch point for each stroke further forward. 

The carbon shaft is then coupled with either a full carbon, or high-visibility coloured glass blade to create a strong and powerful package.


As standard, Wild paddles come with a one-piece shaft and blades set at a familiar 45 degree feather. 

The 1-Piece offers a stiff one-piece shaft that is perfect for paddlers on a budget, it also benefits from being a fixed feather, which can be preferable for paddlers who already know their feather preference. 

However, if you are looking for a bit more portability, flexibility and adaptability then you can always opt for the 2-piece adjustable version of the Wild Carbon or Coloured Glass.

The addition of a paddle lock at the centre of the shaft gives the paddler;

1. An infinite choice of feathers 

Being able to set the blade at an infinite choice of feathers provides the paddler with ultimate adaptability on the water for all activities. For example, why not set the feather at 0º for playboating to help you nail the bow stall, 30º for steep creeking and 60º for that long paddle back against the wind? 

2. Paddle length adjustment

Straight shaft paddlers with the paddle lock can increase the length of their paddle by up to 10cm while bent shaft paddlers with the paddle lock can increase the length by an extra 4cm.

This ability to adjust the paddle length without compromising the strength and stiffness of the paddle makes the Select paddle perfect for crossover kayak paddlers - shorter for fast dynamic whitewater fun and longer for extended trips with the skeg down. 

3. Easy transportation

The QuickLock featured in the Wild Adjustable Paddles mean that the 2-Piece paddles can be easily taken apart so that they will fit neatly in your boat in addition to the benefit of being convenient to store and transport. 

    Special from Select

    Something we love about Select paddles that we go out of our way to mention to customers looking to save some money, is the fact that Select offer the option of purchasing a bent shaft without an added cost.

    Most paddle manufacturers charge a premium for the ergonomic luxury of a bent shaft, whereas Select offers bent shafts at the exact same price as their straight shaft model - meaning whatever you paddle preference, you can always pay the same as your fellow paddlers. 

    Select Wild Paddle Blade Options

    Carbon vs Coloured Glass

    So which Wild material is better for your needs? If you're looking for a serious whitewater paddle, then we would probably recommend the Wild Carbon Paddle due to its lightweight design and varying blade surface area options.

    The Wild Coloured Glass does have an advantage in its high-visibility thanks to the bright colours which can be useful for spotting the paddle if it is dropped in the water. For this reason, we would definitely recommend Wild Coloured Glass paddles for less experienced paddlers who are more likely to lose control of their paddle and need to retrieve it. 

    Select Carbon Bent Shaft 1-Piece Paddle

    That's about all you need to know about Select Wild Paddles before getting your hands on one - of course if there is anything else you can think to ask, we are always happy to help. Just give us a call on (+44)1454 261058, drop us an email at or visit us in store for a chat! 

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