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C-Tug Warranty

Below is an extract of the manufacturer’s warranty. If you want to make a claim under their warranty, please contact us in the first instance and we will contact the manufacturer on your behalf. Please provide us with your name, address and contact details, when you bought the product from us and what the fault is, together with pictures.

The C-TUG is designed for the movement of watercraft. It is not designed for the movement of people either directly on the cart or in or on watercraft or other objects placed on the cart. The C-TUG is designed to be pulled manually. Do not tow behind a vehicle or bicycle – this will void the warranty.

Caring for your C-TUG:

Due to the marine environments where this product may be used, we suggest the following steps to help extend the life of your C-TUG:

  1. After using your C-TUG in salt water, sandy areas and dusty conditions, remove the wheels, disassemble the chassis and hose down with fresh water. Wash the axle area thoroughly.
  2. Do not clean with solvents or solvent based products and avoid commercial cleaning products. Fresh clean water is suitable for cleaning all C-TUG components.
  3. Do not leave your C-TUG cart in strong sunlight for extended periods. Your C-TUG is designed for use outdoors but both rubber and thermoplastics will degrade if left in strong sunlight for extended periods.
  4. If your C-Tug is fitted with pneumatic tires, do not over inflate them. The recommended maximum inflation pressure is 25 PSI cold. Replace the valve stem caps after inflation

Your C-TUG cart is a robust product designed to take the hard work out of getting your watercraft to and from the water. With reasonable care you can expect your C-TUG to serve you well for many years. C-TUG encourages users of C-TUG products to observe safe practice procedures when using products in marine environments.

C-TUG Warranty Statement:

You will find the investment made when you purchase your C-TUG goes well beyond the cart itself. We back up the design and workmanship of the experienced manufacturers with a guarantee for each C-TUG. In the event damage occurs or a problem is found just contact us and we will quickly evaluate & find a solution. Please understand that not all damage is a warranty issue, & we cannot take responsibility for a usage error.

C-TUG SandTrakz wheels are guaranteed for 2 years against manufacturer’s defects, and all other C-TUG parts are guaranteed for 5 years. If a manufacturer’s defect is found, parts are replaced free of charge, you only pay for the freight. Please contact your C-Tug retailer or distributor.