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Become a Sponsored Paddler for Canoe and Kayak Store!

Become a Sponsored Paddler for Canoe and Kayak Store!

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Are you passionate about paddle sports and eager to take your adventures to the next level?

Here at Canoe and Kayak Store, we're on the lookout for dedicated paddlers to join our team as sponsored athletes. If you're ready to dive into a rewarding partnership that offers exciting opportunities, valuable gear, and positive exposure, then read on to learn more about what it means to be a sponsored paddler with us.

As a sponsored paddler for Canoe and Kayak Store, you'll enjoy a range of benefits designed to support your paddling journey while promoting our brand to a wider audience. Here's what you can expect:

1. Regular Engagement: You'll be expected to contribute to our marketing efforts through quarterly blog posts or other media options such as videos, interviews, or photoshoots. Share your paddling experiences, insights, and product reviews to engage our audience and showcase our gear in action.

2. Event Presence: Attend at least one event per year representing Canoe and Kayak Store. Whether it's a race, a festival, or a community gathering, your presence will help us promote our brand name and connect with fellow paddlers.

3. Gear Reviews: Provide thorough reviews of any gear you purchase or given from our store, including photos and, when possible, video demonstrations. Your feedback will not only assist us in selecting the product of the month but also help potential customers make informed decisions about their purchases.

4. Positive Exposure: Through your interactions with our customers and followers, you'll serve as a positive ambassador for our brand. Share your experiences and enthusiasm for paddling to inspire others to embark on their own adventures with Canoe and Kayak Store gear.

5. Backlinks and Feedback: Include backlinks to our website in your blog posts and social media content whenever relevant. Additionally, provide us with valuable feedback from your peers and customers, highlighting both the strengths and areas for improvement of our products and services.

Joining our team as a sponsored paddler isn't just about receiving free gear—it's about building a mutually beneficial partnership that fosters growth, community, and a shared love for paddle sports. If you're ready to make splashes with Canoe and Kayak Store, reach out to us today to discuss how we can collaborate on your paddling journey. 

Send a email to show your intrest to aaron@canoeandkayakstore.co.uk