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Peak PS Women's PFD Size Guide

SPROGLET (2-4 Years) SPROG (4-7 Years) 10/12 14/16
WEIGHT (kg) 15 - 25 20 - 35 45 - 70 65 - 90
CHEST (in) (a) 20 - 24 22 - 26 31 - 43 35 - 47
UPLIFT >N (b) 40 50 55 65

PFD Size Guide

Peak PS reserve the right to change product specifications, colours and sizing without prior notice. Sizing may change from garment to garment and batch to batch. Our written size guide is for use as a guide only. We suggest customers try garments before they buy to guarantee fit.
For non-ladies specific items, sizing works as follows (approx): XXS=8. XS=10. S=12. M=14. L=16. XL=18. XXL=20. PFDS: XS=8. SM=10/12. LXL=14/16. XXL=18.

PFD N uplift varies from model to model, value shown is the minimum across the range.
Kids Zip approximate ages: Sproglet: 18 months - 3 years. Sprog: 3-8 years.
Ladies size PFDs have specific chest foam layouts.

  1. Loosen all the straps and buckles.
  2. Put the PFD on (over your head or by the front zip) and fasten any buckles. Do not tighten chest harness yet (if fitted).
  3. Tighten all straps, starting from the waist and working upwards to the shoulder straps. If your PFD has a chest harness, fasten and tighten this last. Finish by sitting down and checking shoulder straps.