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Select Paddles Broken Paddle Replacement Policy

We recognise that accidents can happen, especially in the dynamic world of paddlesport. While no one plans to break their paddle, we're here to support you when the unexpected occurs.

 Our Select Paddles Replacement Policy provides you with a 40% discount on the current recommended retail price for a new Select replacement paddle.


To qualify for this discount:

  1. Damage must be activity-related. The damage should result from a genuine sports-related impact during your paddle adventures.
  1. Be within two years of purchase.

This scheme does not replace the standard warranty that comes with the paddle but is an extra benefit offered by Canoe and Kayak Store acting as UK distributors of Select Paddles.

To initiate the replacement process, please contact us via email (sales@canoeandkayakstore.co.uk) and include the following information:

  1. The model and size of the paddle.
  1. A clear picture of the damaged paddle along with a brief explanation of the incident.
  1. Your contact information. Please provide your name, full address, phone number, and email address for effective communication.
  1. Proof of purchase. A photo of your receipt showing date of purchase.

We will assess your claim on the basis of the evidence submitted and respond as quickly as possible.  Our decision will be final.

When we have agreed the claim, we will require the damaged paddle to be returned to us or you will need to provide us with photographic proof of destruction.

You will be responsible for any shipping charges incurred in replacing your paddle.

This paddle will be the same model as the original or, if unavailable, the nearest current equivalent.

We are committed to assisting you in getting back on the water with a high-quality replacement paddle. Your safety and satisfaction are our priorities.